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DIY: How reset Airbag light with INPA

- 2004 X3 2.5i, I made the basic mistake (too lazy to go to trunk to d/c battery), anyway replaced the window regulator plastic clips.

- Airbag light is on.

- I used INPA, but here is the trick:

1. Cannot access airbag in E83 (using Shift + F4)! Some kind of error message came up.

2. So I chose E53 X5 as the car!

3. Just ignore the message "language variant not matching" blah blah blah.

4. Then use F1 to read codes, the F2 to clear error codes.

All is well now.

So the trick is: if you cannot access Airbag Module using E83 X3, then choose E53 X5.

This principle may apply to other car, if choosing "Car A" does not work, then I guess you can choose similar car of the same year...May or may not work.
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