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Of course i will be changing not only chain and i will use the whole timing chain set ( If i open oil fill plug, then i can lift the chain few mm which in not ok, the chain should be tight and can not be lifted. Also camshaft adaptation is getting out of range, because the chain is stretched and it is more harder to get timing in place and also sometimes i get error codes which often refer to stretched chain.
If it would be lot easier to just change timing chains a will change only them if i will have not to remove oil pan and right head to do that, because as i understand there is no much pressure on oil pump chain so it is not so critical. By the way the oil pump was changed by dealer 7 years ago and then they did not change the oil pump chain.
So i will continue my search and gather info as much i can so i can perform this work with my buddy mechanic.
Thank everybody who have helped me on this topic and thank also those in advance who will provide me with more info
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