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Originally Posted by 80stech View Post
I can't believe that works even on your motorcycle. It goes against the laws of physics that I know. If it has a chance of working there needs be a secondary ring with the beeds in it to offset the imbalance or this will just make it worse! Maybe I am missing something and someone else could chime in. What is the plastic tube for in the picture?
Yeah I know. It doesnít make any sense to me either, but it not only works, but as the tire wears, the beads shift every time the tire starts to roll and they keep it in balance throughout its life. Iíd dont know how that works, but it does. They have been using them on trucks for years. On a MC tire, especially an off road or dual sport tire, the tires tend to change as they wear, and the beads keep everything smooth. Mine have been lasting longer and wearing more evenly. Itís weird.

I wrote that post, and the computer put in the link, I didnít. But, the tube in the picture is used to pore the beads into the valve stem. I read that on autos you can also just put a bag of them the proper weight for the tire in when you mount the tire. When you start to drive the bag breaks open and releases the beads.

I donít know why these are not being used more in the auto world. Thatís why I asked the question. I will probably just have all 4 wheels rebalanced and have them move the weights inboard a ways.
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