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Assistance with E70 CCC Navigation System

Hi there,

Just picked up my E70 X5 and I have a few quick questions about the nav in it.

1. On the iDrive menu, I don't have the option for Navigation on the right like I did on my E90. Does this mean that my CCC doesn't have navigation? I don't really use it, but I prefer to see a map when i'm driving around. I have a disc drive under my climate controls and a changer in my glovebox. My screen is the smaller one.

2. I currently have the smaller screen display but i'd love to upgrade to the 8.8" professional model as I had that in my E92 and it was so much nicer. Is this upgrade hard/difficult in terms of sourcing the parts and what parts would be required for this job? I've seen online that you can actually upgrade to the CIC model which would be awesome but it does seem costly and I have to upgrade the screen and navigation drive in the dash plus a few other parts.

What do you guys suggest?

Kind regards
2007 E70 X5 3.0D Black/Beige
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