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Well itís done! I have to admit it was easier than I expected it to be. First I rolled the passenger window all the way down and reached in to remove the door handle trim then the two T-20 screws. Then removed the pull handle trim to get to the T-20 screw underneath. Then I popped the door card loose from the top side and wedged a 10Ē long screwdriver between the door card and door body. This gave me room to see the actuator and see what I needed to do next. I then laid the passenger seat all the way down and back so that I could get right in there. After removing the power plug from the actuator,I was able to shock the actuator with 24v. I was not carful on this because 1. it was still a reach 2. I donít care about the old actuator and any last movement out of it could only help me. I heard a slight tick then plugged the cars power plug back in and... POP it opened. I was able to open the door and finish the job in a normal fashion.
I will try to post some pictures after I get them up to a host.

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