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Either way gentlemen; if one person is doing a VSS job to eliminate the smoke, while the other is knocking out air/oil leaks - what's the difference? It's working! Both are solving the smoking issue. I'll keep a fund going if I ever need to do VSS job, but for now i'll work on the smaller items.

My 4.8iS would smoke terrible at red lights, and bumper-to-bumper traffic. Absolutely terrible! I've read a lot on the dreaded VSS and I actually knew this going into purchasing this vehicle. It was one of the negotiating items I used to get the vehicle at the price I was willing to spend. Kept researching about air/oil leaks and it makes sense. So, I started there - did both breather hoses last week along with both pressure regulator valves and the smoke has definitely gone away. Not 100%, I have tested letting it idle for a few minutes and no smoke, but If I let it idle for an extended period of time (which is rarely the case anyways), there is some smoke. Could this be residual oil prior to replacement of the hoses and regulators? Most likely. I did see a leak around the vacuum pump, I guess there is a seal in there that will need to be replaced. I will probably have that replaced soon as well.

My father owned one of the first E70 4.8iS (2007), and he still owns it. Well over 100k miles and I have never seen a smoke issue on that vehicle. And I will tell you he is not one on preventative maintenance. Only fixes it until something breaks, longggg oil interval changes, etc He's dumped thousands into it over the past 10+ years but he still loves driving it.
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