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Vacuum Pump O-Ring Kit

Originally Posted by Westlotorn View Post
The vacuum pump has two seals, an inner and an outer that can leak, both are O'Rings. The part numbers are shown in this forum but I don't have them handy. One is available at the BMW dealer but the other is not. You can get both from one of the aftermarket BMW parts houses, I found the part numbers on this forum when I did it. I tried an aftermarket oring from Napa first, it worked but was a little too large. The BMW house had a better set of O'Rings.
Dorman offers a vacuum pump repair kit, P/N 917-146, that services the engine drive coupling O-ring, the big pump case O-ring, and includes five replacement pump cover screws in case these get damaged taking it apart. The price for this kit is expensive for what you get, all over the map: $53 to as little as $25; plenty of people sell it on eBay.

The latest pump engine drive O-ring from BMW sells for about $10 MSRP, P/N 11667509080 (07119903506, 11660151057). The numbers in the parentheses are still valid, but superseded BMW P/Ns.

BMW doesn't service the case O-ring, instead selling a whole new vacuum pump. My friend Dave got clipped for $625 in November, 2017, for a leaking case O-ring.

A month or two ago, I found this table data describing the vacuum pump O-rings on Dorman's website (reformatted here):

Case O-Ring
Maximum Inside Diameter 93.66
Maximum Outside Diameter 96.76 mm
Maximum Thickness 3.10 mm
Minimum Inside Diameter 92.34 mm
Minimum Outside Diameter 95.24 mm
Minimum Thickness 2.90 mm
Engine Drive O-Ring
Maximum Inside Diameter 53.45 mm
Maximum Outside Diameter 56.55 mm
Maximum Thickness 3.10 mm
Minimum Inside Diameter 52.55 mm
Minimum Outside Diameter 55.45 mm
Minimum Thickness 2.90 mm; 2.90 mm

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