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Putting F25 wheels on E83

Hello everyone in the post. Was anyone successful putting F25 wheels on your E83? Many replies, so little information if someone actually make the attempt.
I am getting ready to buy F25 19" wheels but I cannot get a straight answer on the lug bolts working on F25 wheels on a E83/ Please let me know if you have the answer. I have a 2007 X3 E83 M sport with 18" OEM wheels. Really would appreciate any help.

Basic wheel specifications for the X3(F25) chassis are:
Bolt Circle = 5 X 120mm
Offset = 45mm (43 to 47mm acceptable)
Hub centering Bore = 72.5 mm (hub ring dia. = 72.47mm)
Bolts = M14X1.25 Spherical seat, 17 mm heads (Note the X3(E83) uses M14X1.5 bolts)
Minimum bolt engagement = 9.5 turns

For E83 all same except the bolt sizes

Bolt Pattern: 5x120 | Center Bore: 72.56 | Hardware:12x1.50 Bolt | Offset: 34-45mm

E83 uses M14x1.5 bolts. Trying to use the lug bolts from a E83 could possibly damage hubs.
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