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1,100 lbs payload is just standard value BMW is using across all E70 engines. Check your approved gross vehicle weight and the actual weight, the difference would be the real payload. Anyway, IMO payload is just reference point. You should realy care about the axle and tire limits. But this is just me.

Originally Posted by Thecastle View Post
I weighed the tongue weight on my trailer instead of guessing like most do. My trailer lists itself at 438lbs tongue weight.

I have 4x 6v golf cart batteries and two 30lbs propane tanks on the tongue. One tank was full and one was about 1/3 full. Plus misc crap that always stays in the trailer and an empty water tanks. The actual measured tongue weight was using a sherline scale;

618lbs +/- 2%. Which incidentally would be about 13% of our trailers estimated weight of about 4700lbs as it sits. So about what you would actually want, which is generally 10-15% of trailer weight as tongue weight.

So it wouldn't surprise me when I drove to colorado and back with a full tank 43 gallons of fresh water and a 100lb generator and other gear that I was pushing ~950lbs of tongue weight. Car performed just fine btw with this load, no issues, no bending or breaking of anything. However we were clearly overloaded and exceeded the rear axel weight on the car, and max payload weight which is 1100lbs for the X5.

Were leaving on a trip friday and will hit some cat scales. We'll redistribute some of the weight in the trailer and not go with a full tank of water to keep the tongue weight down. Next trip we'll have lithium batteries to cut about 180lbs of weight on the trailer a-frame near the tongue.
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