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Alternator: Bosch and Valeo are interchangeable...


The friend's 2004 X3 M54 engine has 155K.
The factory was Bosch, replaced the alternator simply b/c at that mileage, anything can happen to the alternator. He needs the car to go to work and drives long distance often...

Replaced with Valeo (made in Poland), perfect fit.

Couple things:

1. Bosch and Valeo are interchangeable.

2. Don't swap Pulleys (the pulleys are NOT interchangeable), use the pulley that come with the alternator.

3. The electrical connector from the car shows only 1 pin. The Bosch alternator has 2 pins, Valeo has 1 pin. But it does not matter, it works perfectly with either Bosch or Valeo.

4. The Valeo installation is MUCH easier, the Valeo does not have the bottom bolt tightness issue. Recall that the Bosch bottom attachment is very difficult to align simply because it is a tight fit. The Valeo just slides right in, very easy.

Check the price, if Valeo is cheaper, then use Valeo.
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