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hi thanks I'll check that post out now,
I was concerned that a flake of metal was missing from the inner skin of the manifold at the point at which it would meet the turbo probably about 10x13mm but he said he had checked the turbo for damage and it wasn't and it all span freely and all was ok ... I'm now thinking is this piece jammed in the nozzle ring somehow... it is however boosting hard when all is well and at them moment I only feel the loss of power top end and the howl when cold and at idle when the vacuum hit -18

also vacuum hoses have been replaced and apparently intercooler and exhaust checked for blockages/leaks.

my gut feeling is that it the turbo and I'm really fed up as I only changed this about 3yrs ago / probably 28,000 miles! and also if it is it could have been replaced easily and with the same labour cost as when the cam cover was off and the manifold out!

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