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at the moment I have rigged a vac gauge inside the car and if I defeat the check valve installed (block it) the vac increases to -18 to -20 and at that point you can hear the turbo start to howl then when you drive the car is very sluggish upon accelerating and the vac bounces/stutters a little and the car matches said bounce until it manages to get to about -14 and then it takes off and pulls hard with the vac dropping off to near zero at high rpm. its like the solenoid valve cant release when the vac gets that low... it would be interesting to find out what the actual vac pressure should be but I can't find the value noted anywhere.

where about physically is the pressure modulator you mention? I'm sorry for all the questions but with short daylight hours and work its a real pain to get anything done at the minute.

thank you for all your help
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