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floyd86uk, I have the same car (with similar mileage) and your transmission operation sounds about the same as mine - although mine will change way sooner than 3,500rpm when cold (fortunately!).

I always try to keep the revs under 2,000rpm until the temp gets to 1/4 (top of the blue), which is 50DegC via the BC display.

Coincidentally, this is the temp that changes the shift behaviour in the factory transmission software, allowing the use of top gear. Below this engine temp, the transmission will not shift into top (6th).

And it's likely this change that triggers (not causes) your trans fail-safe behaviour - the change in shift pattern.

As to why? Might as start with Andrew's suggestion, although I think this issue is more of a problem with the 5-speed transmissions - perhaps due to the different mechatronic connector location. Easy to eliminate it though.

BTW, FWIW, the shift pattern is very dependant on how you drive this car, especially how FAST you press on the gas pedal. Well, diesel pedal. Pressing fast, accelerating hard, will force the trans shift pattern into sport mode pretty quickly, with rather high shift points.

And on another tack, you mention something I've been meaning to raise.I see a lot of UK owners refer to the "3.0D Sport" and I can't find this label in any other market. I have a feeling that the 3.0D we got (Aust and NZ etc.) is an identical car to the UK 3.0D Sport - the "Sport" label being a UK-marketing label. Not sure...

*edit* just found the info. on the 3.0d Sport ? (from XDrivers) - the 3.0d Sport is identical to the 3.0d except is has the larger staggered wheel set and stiffer susp.

*edit* Given this all started with a totally flat battery, it's a good bet the battery is involved. And I've never seen a car battery recover properly from being totally run flat. Their capacity is usually severely reduced when run totally flat, even just once.
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