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Check your alternator as well. When I got my 4.8 the owner changed the battery the night I bought it. After returning home I would get the occasional battery light but after a quick restart the light would go away and not return for another 4-5 days. I would restart it and the light would go away. One night heading to Walmart I pushed it really hard going onto the freeway all types of warning lights came on to include the trans-safe light, and the X would not shift out of the gear it was in. I thought I had purchased a lemon and was heartbroken! So I limped to Walmart since there was no reason to return home at this point. Went inside and did a little shopping and when I came back out and started the X several of the lights had mysteriously turned off. The abs, brake and several other warning lights were still on. Driving home the X shifted fine but these warning lights remained. Once home I shut her down and went inside wondering if I had just bought a X with a bad tranny and lord knows what else was wrong with it. I went back out later and started it and all warning lights were gone and she drove like a champ again. A day later the battery light popped on again so I decided to check the alternator and it was only charging about 12.2 volts. Enough to run the X but not hardly enough under any type of decent load much less a full throttle smash! Changed the alternator the next day and have not had any warning lights or issues since. Its worth a quick check. Thanks!
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