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Originally Posted by Overboost View Post
Which LCM do you have? Mine is a LCM C22 I don't have the blinking option like my E46. I love that option and I coded my E46 3rd brake light to flash.
Not sure which exact LCM I have... will check next time I have the laptop hooked up.

If I can get some time to look at this, I'll try hooking up an oscilloscope to the tail light circuits and play with this LED option. I would expect to see the tail and brake circuit PWM change to be a standard DC voltage level.

But I can't see it doing much beyond this as a coding change is not enough to change the tails to LED operation - there would also need to be wiring changes.

Of course, wiring changes are exactly what happens when folk install pre-LCI LED tails in LCI cars, so in this case, maybe the coding IS enough. Can't be sure though, as we don't really know BMW's intent for this coding option.

Stuff to investigate!
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