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trailer hitch reverse light idea

Hi all.

I wonder if anyone has made/bought a light that you can put into your trailer hitch receiver and its connected to round pin connector to work as a reverse light when the X5 is in reverse? Never hurts to have more light back there and it may look snazzy instead of just an empty hitch receiver (or rubber cap/plug).
Something like this but white/clear instead of red...

It would be a 3rd reverse light. I think its a neat idea to brighten up the ground around rear when reversing and figured why not try this approach...

OR do you have another fun way to use the empty trailer hitch receiver (please don't say for hanging metal balls or propeller fan or 4th brake light...)

EDIT: I decided to not use a relay, but instead just wire the positive wire into the positive wire from reverse light harness/connector.

Mike in Calgary.
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