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Back in the X5 game!

I picked up a 2002 4.6is DINAN X5 Supercharged! 451HP

107k on the clock. Ill be the 3rd owner.

Comes with:
1) New tires on mint Style 87's
2) New tires on winter wheels. Blizzaks.
3) Full silver trim in the box, darker wood trim installed
4) Titanium Silver w/ black interior, heated seats all round'
5) Trailer hitch

Provenance - The current owner purchased it from her boss 4-5 years ago. He has a stable of 20+ cars in a heated garage. It has always been garaged. She and her husband live on his property in one of his houses, as she's his personal chef. Six months ago they decided to buy new cars and let the X5 chill in the garage. After not driving it, they decided to sell it. They continued the maintenance until now. It was just tuned up and serviced. Comes with a book of records from new.

Challenges: Trans. Fail Safe. - Could be battery from sitting, if not I'll find out whats up as I have the laptop with all the software.

Pics will come after it arrives and is cleaned up. Waiting to hear from the shipper on scheduling.

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___________________

After a..5 year hiatus I've picked up another X5. My former was a 2001 that I had fitted with Style 87's and new timing chain guides, and even paint before reluctantly selling it for $5500. Not bad considering I paid $1000 for it.

I'll let this hang out here until it arrives...

I will say that it is a 2002 X5.

In other BMW news, my 2001 DINAN 7 is almost finished. By that, I mean
the 4.4 and transmission were sold along with the Dinan Cold Air Intake system. I sourced an 86k mile S62 from a 2003 M5, along with the Getrag
6 speed manual transmission. This week the engine/transmission went in along with the lengthened driveshaft, as the manual is shorter. I freshened up a ton of parts to be sure Id have a good experience with it at a ton of cost. But, worth it. I was close to buying a newer 7, then quickly changed my mind. Next up, the hood frame has to be modded to fit the beast and the strut brace in. Should be on the road Dec 15.

Without further delay...the first start.
Fun tip: About 24k or so S62's were made. Most went in E39 M5's and a couple thousand in the Z8. Both have enjoyed appreciation in recent years, especially the later - with Z8's fetching $125k-$250k+
01' DINAN 7 S62 Swap - Stratus Grau
(1587 produced in SG 440)
02' 4.6is DINAN X5 S2 Supercharged
833/3258 produced | 1/27 Dinan X5's
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