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Originally Posted by bcredliner View Post
Are you trying to install a reverse camera that activates and shows on the screen when the vehicle is in reverse as well as records what is going on behind you as well as displays that view when driving? Why not just use an independent recording camera that you could mount facing one direction or the other depending on the circumstances.
Not completely. I want a DVR setup that records front and rear anytime the vehicle is on. Through the android app you can view the image of either or with PIP but I don't really see a need to view while driving. But, I want to access the rear image automatically when in reverse.

On the DVR accessory the front camera is the master with the card slot and recording processing and the rear is the slave. Both video images are fed to the android but it really doesn't do anything other than display the video images on command. (Reverse or manual app command) The recording process is cyclic so when the card fills up, it starts writing over the oldest recordings. I never need to pull the card unless it is needed. The latest videos are always accessible through the app or directly from the card.

I posted this video of the DVR accessory that AVIN is currently using. The lane departure alerts and closing speed of the vehicle ahead alerts are something I really would like to have. More like the sophisticated electronics of the cars now. Watch the video from the 8:00 mark through the 15:30 mark. The director has a hard time staying focused or on topic but worth the view anyway. You will get the idea. In his video he states he has it wired to the reverse lights but I am not sure this guy even did his own install...
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