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Originally Posted by crystalworks View Post
Nice! Is that a proprietary type plug I see there for the camera feed wires? If that harness is long enough to make it from the hatch to the body of the truck through the trunk/snorkel it could make running wires simpler/quicker.
It looks like the lens cable with the 1/4" binder connector is only 2' long so it won't make it through the snorkel. I wish! It looks like I will have to try and get an RCA jack through there somehow.

The second half of the binder connector holds the RCA jack and the power and ground cables. The power and ground cables are long enough so I will just need to put some DR-25 shrink over them and make their way to the rear fuse block. The small binder connector on the lens is small enough so I can feed it through the 1/4" hole I drill for the lens mounting collar. That will work out nicely. The third cable (RCA to RCA with trigger wires if needed) is more than long enough to make it to the Avin.

Here is the install Crowz did a year ago with the same lens.

Backup-Reverse Camera | Crowz Nest
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