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Originally Posted by Muleears View Post
Speaking of transfer case fluid, I see several different part numbers for the BMW stuff. I can get a couple different kinds from Amazon ($52-$60). The nearest dealer to me is about 40 miles. Which one and how much do I need? I see on the label it is Shell TF 0870, there are other products (made in Germany) that are TF 0870 also and much less expensive (like half). If they are the same, I'll go with the cheaper ($32). I would think 0870 is 0870 no matter who bottles it. Or is this a false economy? Saving $30 for 60K miles of use. What say you?
I can't get any other options where I am so I used the updated OE BMW Power Divider Fluid from the dealer - DTF 1 part number 83222409710 - which supersedes the original TF 0870.
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