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Originally Posted by 80stech View Post
Thanks! I'll give it another try tonight and see how it goes. I would like to get the checksum thing figured out to feel like I understand a little more on whats going on. Did you guys do the speedo too?
No, speedo and heated seat temperatures are fine as they are IMHO. No need for reprogramming the EEPROM there for me. The temp gauge is a must though. A 40 degree Celsius buffer (104F) is still a questionable BMW engineering design. Not sure WTF they were thinking...

Just save your original .bin file for safe keeping and just make the changes live. Just click or cursor over to the appropriate hex value and change. Then just write to the EEPROM. No checksum validation needed.

The first hex byte of a line represents the number of data bytes to follow in that line and the last byte is a simple checksum. You aren't changing either of those.

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