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Originally Posted by Overboost View Post
I think the red light comes on at a value from the DME (that has not been modified) but it is too late at that point. My drop dead red marker on the gauge comes on at 115C instead of 125C. (50 degrees F)

I think this is the major issue someone should eventually fix. I personally like the mod you guys are making, it's a cool thing, but in the end it doesn't prevent anything in most peoples case because noone is looking at the temperature gauge all the time (besides us freaks).

My wife is driving the X most of the time...I can not pretend she has to look at the gauge all the time. So am I... I check if the engine heats up properly but once it's up and running, I enjoy thinking of something else. Sincerly, I don't want to take my "car love" to the level where I keep a eye on the coolant temperature 10 times during a trip to check if the gauge eventually moves somewhere (this is what this mod leads us too...).

As we all know that the temperatures rarely get over 105-110C , and if they go probably something is probably wrong, a god damn message or sound should take the driver to keep an eye on whats happening.
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