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Originally Posted by wpoll View Post
You can ask...

I haven't touched it. I don't worry about the temp as much on the 3.0d. The biggest issue with the 3.0d is running too cold, not too hot - and too cold is easily seen on the factory gauge settings.

But if I was to goof with it, I'd go with something similar to the M54 values as in this thread, just for slightly more clarity on the normal variations when running. And I'd set the over temp alarm at 110DegC.

Since replacing my thermostat a while back, I occasionally monitor the operating temp via the menu #7 and it sits bang on 88DegC. most of the time, climbing as high as 95DegC. when towing a trailer with 2-3cubeM of firewood up steep hills. Never seen it higher than that...
Fair enough;
I was thinking along similar lines that itd be unnecessary;

But the weather reached over 40 degrees Celsius here today,
and I suspect my X5 was running hotter than normal ,
but my gauge never moved past dead centre, and I would prefer to know easily if my motor was running a bit hot as it sounded different, a higher pitch that disappeared when it cooled down.

I think I may also change my speedo to show true speed if I can figure that out...
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