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Yes, Bosch is OE for my 3.0i, so I used those for the upstream ones. I replaced at about 160k miles, soon after getting the car, when I foolishly thought I should be getting better gas mileage than I was. No change - no problems before or after. No change in MPG.

I've used Denso in other cars (e.g., Japanese ones) and I'd say the brand is at least as good as Bosch. So I'd use Bosch in my X5 and Denso in my Lexus, etc.

For my 3.0i:
upstream sensors = Bosch 13477
downstream = Bosch 15109
universal = Bosch 15738, for both upstream and downstream.

Yes, same sensor, different wiring socket (and a much longer wire for downstream) for up vs. downstream.

So I saved the (assumed good) original upstream ones I removed. Figure if I ever get a code on a downstream one, after swapping the two downstream sensors with eachother to confirm a sensor failure, I can splice in the original upstream one at least as a test.
2001 X5 3.0i, 190k miles, AT, owned since 2014

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