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Spurious Warning Messages.

Has anyone been getting false dash warning messages?

For about 4 years I was frequently getting code P1439. I would clear it and then 3 months or maybe a week later, I would get it again. The problem was at it's worse about a year ago when I was clearing codes about every two weeks.

Then, about 7 months ago, it stopped putting out these codes altogether! Yea!! This was right after I purchased a new DMTL pump, but before I installed it. So, I just counted this as a blessing and moved on.

About two months ago, I got the "Self-Leveling Suspension Inactive" warning, this was the night after I put the car on a trickle charger because I wasn't driving it often or far. The message went away the next day, but returned again for one or to start cycles and then has never been displayed again.

About a month ago, I go a message to "Check Side Lights." Like the suspension message it displayed a couple times over two days and went away.

Today, I started out and was getting "Door Open" messages. I thought they might be a symptom of whatever was causing the other false (?) messages, but when I got the car into the darkened garage, I noticed that the interior lights were not illuminating when I opened any of the doors, so maybe this one is not a ghost message, but the real thing.

I am going down into the garage now to check the fuses.

In the mean time, has anyone experienced these kinds of infrequent messages?


According to my fuse label, there are only two interior illumination fuses 17 and 27. There is nothing in the 17 slot and when I pulled the 27 fuse (20 amp) the glovebox light went out.

I can turn on the interior illumination via the roof console switch.

I am guessing maybe a sensor has died, but I don't even see door sensors...

Second Edit:

I found a posting (someone with a Toyota) that stated that the door lock module was going bad... that they locked the car with the fob, and then locked and unlocked the door with the key and that cleared the problem. I tried this and it seems to have worked, light are working again. I will take it for a trip around the block to see if the message is gone.

Third Edit:

Lights working correctly, but still getting door message. Maybe I need to replace the lock module?
I noticed too that I do not always get a chirp when locking the car... Maybe only a quarter of the time.

Fourth Edit:

I noted tonight that the car is not going to sleep as indicated by the shifter light.
2006 X5 Sport 4.4i

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