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Originally Posted by 80stech View Post
Some more thoughts on the temp gauge/sender--I'm thinking that the 2 sides of the sender are used to give a more linear and accurate reading through a broader range. The DME side(higher resistance) is used for the upper range and the gauge side(lower resistance) is used for the lower range. Information is exchanged on the bus between the DME and the cluster. If one side fails the other is used to get close and if both fail the air charge sender(and mapping) gets used. This seems to be what's going on from what I have been able to find out. So, accurate and robust, and nice that BMW is using actual temps in the coding instead of digital voltages from the DACs. I haven't done any coding for the warning light temp but will mess around a bit more when I do.
The coding for my 115C warning instead of the 125C warning went ok, no issues. Let us know if you can make that change and simulate it for verification.
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