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Originally Posted by ahlem View Post
My 3.0 x5 shows 119 on code 9 which indicates my new battery only has 11.9 volts. I put it on the charger to see if it shows anything different. Just hooked it up and shows 119 still. Should I charge it overnight and test it again? The production date is 3/2000 and has one button to reset the mileage and no second button. I'm trying to determine if the alternator is gone. I can go to Autozone once the battery is charged and have them test it or I can try out my new Schwaben/Foxwell scanner if I can figure out the instructions. Any insights on verifying alternator output?
Yes, charge it and see if it takes a charge. It should be 12.4 or better. It is an old battery. 18 years is long past its expected service life. I would put in a new battery just because of the age. You could also have an alternator problem. Easiest way to tell is to fire it up and use a multi-meter to check the voltage at the jumper points under the hood. You should be seeing at 13.5 at idle.
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