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Good Great Looking Stealth LED Turn Bulbs

So I had LED bulbs for the turns in my Euro Clear OEM'ish lights that were to be installed.

Like DUH....I had the correct 3156 Bulb the 1st time I ordered the LED bulbs. But the dang Ebay listing under description had it listed as a 7507 turn bulb. LOL, maybe it was the CN/EN translation that got messed up. So I returned it and I had a 7507 LED turn bulb in hand

Anyhow, I ended up putting back the chrome ~stealths~ that I had in my existing lights.
- They look REALLY REALLY good in the euro clear design headlights but don't have that 2600 Lumens output like the LED

Oh boi. What to do what to do . Those chrome stealth bulbs look great in the housing.

Functionally, the LEDS are better. I'm a believer. I def see the difference in the rear tails !

I have the Canbus ones in the rear tailights. They big and bright. Great on function, but definitely not stealth. Deciding should I just keep the sleek svelte Stealth Bulbs or the screamining ~correct fit~ LED bulbs
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