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Originally Posted by 740ilDuke View Post
I feel your pain. Iíve driven mine 2-3 times and no more than 20 miles. After this is on...sorting the tranny. Even after this good news, itíll be 2 more weeks before itíll be here to install. Hoping Iím driving this thing in March.

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I guess I was lucky enough to complete the 2,100 mile drive home from Miami to Denver, but the vc/tc gaskets (knew they were seeping at time of purchase) started leaking profusely about 400 miles from home. It's been at the shop since.

I have a pile of parts here that will go on once it gets back from the shop:

rf CV axle and wheel bearing
l+r lower ctrl arms
black grilles
floor mats
engine cover (missing when I bought it)
lots of small stuff

Can't wait to get all this stuff done and get a thorough detail done and then drive it. Hopefully it'll be back on the road by the first week in February.
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