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Originally Posted by Overboost View Post
It's a really small bullet. As long as you don't have DSP, the systems start at right around $300.
What is DSP?

I bought it with a disclosed headlight issue. The kid I bought it from wasn't very knowledgeable (about the car/BMW's), so I'm not sure yet what I have going on. The right light was disassembled. I went ahead and pulled the front bumper off so I could remove the headlights. I am going to sand/clearcoat the lenses and it just works alot better with the lights lying flat so the clearcoat doesn't run. I ordered two new bulbs, so I guess I'll start there to see if that's the only issue with the light(s).

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I found an Amazon seller for some Bendix rotors for $88 delivered. I decided to go that way for now rather than ponying up another $40 for the Brembos. The pads look near new all around and he mentioned something about the tech at the dealer telling him he threw on some pads for him gratis because some issue was taking too long. Anyway, I'll run those til they're gone and then probably put on my favs - Akebono Euroceramics. I can put new rotors on again at that time.

The $40 I saved on rotors was quickly spent on a used eBay heater control valve. I noticed the valve was leaking coolant. Interestingly, the part number on the valve is not indicated as ever having been used on an e53 (realoem). It is a dual solenoid valve and calls for a different part no. than the one in place. I scoured eBay and found a newer used one that looks good for $29. If nothing else, it should buy me some time before having to bend over for a new one at $150+. This is the first non-oe part I've found on the car. The date code was plausible for the vehicle, so I'm somewhat puzzled if realoem is wrong or if someone stuck this one in there as a cheap fix.

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I haven't fiddled with the radio yet, but my initial research led me to a problem with water pooling around the amp in the left rear cubbie hole. There's so much crap there that I can't see down in there, but the right side cubbie DID have water sitting in it. The screen is messed up, but apparently there's no sound either.

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Snow coming in tonight, so probably won't be working on it much for a few days.
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