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Whistle EONON Amp vs BMW HI-Fi Amp (bypass?)

Hello Everyone,

I'm new here and recently scored a 03 x5 3.0i with 58k miles in Cali. I'm normally a DIY guy, but just had am now a dad and free time is a premium. I just recently had a local shop install the EONON GA9166a and backup cam, but I'm noticing a high end distortion.

I noticed right after install that the sound was extremely loud so I went into the settings and dropped it 6db, but I'm still getting quite a bit of distortion on the highs (high hat crackle). I did notice that the Eonon unit has it's own AMP and there is a factory BMW amp in the back. I was wondering how others have worked with bypassing one or the other. I'm assuming the crackle has something to do with the signal being double amplified so I kind of want to know what my options are. Unfortunately the shop doesn't provide warranty because it's not their equipment, but I think they still might help a little bit. Ultimately what I want to know what are my options and what will work best.

This is a NON-DSP, NON-NAV car

I do plan on upgrading the amp and speakers in the summer, but wanted to have tolerable listening right now.

So I'm thinking either bypass the BMW amp somewhow and use the onboard Eonon amp.

Disable the Eonon Amp by dropping it to the lowest -DB setting (not sure if that actually will disable anything)

Or do I need to put back the old equipment and mess with the volume control and set it to 0? Does the old system/amp retain any of the settings from the original equipment.

Any help would be greatly appreciated this is my first BMW so I'm in for a bit of learning. My last car was a 06 Nissan Sentra Spec V and those are very simple cars. : ) I feel like this install should have been simpler
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