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Originally Posted by wpoll View Post
In most cases you are no longer using the factory amp if you fit an android head unit; the most obvious exception is with DSP.

If you have only a CD Player and MID unit up front (and no rear amp) then the factory amp is INSIDE the CD Player head unit and is removed when you remove the CD Player head unit. The speaker cables (on the 17-pin or 40-pin connector) connect directly to the android HU amp.

If you had a BM54 radio/amp in the trunk/boot then this is also disconnected when you attach the long android loom to the 17-pin or 40-pin connector that WAS in the factory amp. It makes little difference if you pull the BM54 unit from the trunk at this point - it's no longer connected - it's just ballast.
What is weird is that there is a factory amp in the back as well hidden from normal view. As far as I know the guy just did the plug and play. Modified the inside bracket to fit it and then ran the backup camera to the back. I'm eager to know how this is wired.

Having two amps (eonon and factory) seems like a bad time to me. It would explain the extreme loudness and distortion when I picked it up.

I probably should have just put this in myself from the beginning... sigh

If it is indeed the DACs... I might play the quality lottery with eonon if they will work with me, otherwise I'll probably return it despite the awesome amount of features and I'll just cut my losses from the install. Not sure I want to ad additional hardware just to make this work. Thank you for that option though.. I may bite the bullet later on.

EDIT: Without taking it out the amp reads
Model No. AMP E53
P/NO 65. 12-8 379 376
Car Specific Equalizing
12V D.C Negative GND.

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