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My supercharger arrived on Tuesday and I installed it yesterday. So far, no check engine light. I cleaned out the throttle body, MAF and air filter element and all the piping. It seems to be quiet happy and is a blast to drive, even with the Trans Fail Safe - gears 3-5 are fine, so I have that going for me.

What host do most of you use to post pics? I took a few yesterday while knuckle busting through the install. It's definitely tight under there, but it works. The most fun part was the normally easy job of tightening or loosening the belt. I'd made it too tight and it was squeaking at start up. With the headlamp out I was able to get it done in the dark.

The only hiccup I had was when I started it that crappy plastic line off the expansion tank blew off. So, I cut it out and replaced it with rubber hose and brass connectors. I'll probably change it to copper since you can buy sticks of it at Lowes for $5 & it eliminates that problem.

Next up Transmission. I found a rebuilt unit with t-case (new chains) and rebuilt and lengthened front drive-shaft. I just have to get it here from Far Far and Away.

I've had the X5 since Christmas day and have not been able to drive it really at all, but at least with the supercharger on, I can tool around with it. She's inching towards being in a good place mechanically, then on to some paint correction.

I will be selling the snow tires/wheels if anyone is interested. The 87's are sitting while the wrenching is going on. Brand new Blizzacks on Tire Racks in house wheel brand - and they have scratches.
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