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Originally Posted by crystalworks View Post
There is another module associated with the ALC besides the LCM and the 2 modules under the headlight. It's located behind the glove box. It's a really complex (overenginnered?) system.

Here is the diagram for it:

If swapping your headlight doesn't get it fixed maybe your indy is right and that's what's wrong with mine as well... I had a short in the leveling module under the driver's headlight (water intrusion) and the LCM disabled that headlight.

Swapping the headlight assembly from D side to P side, P side lights up both assemblies' xenon high and low beam, halogen and turn signal - parking light as it should. D side won't light xenon on either assembly. I doubt I have a wiring issue on the D side harness, I'm betting the LCM III needs a re-code or replacement.

Going to BMW of Spokane tomorrow, (only 20 miles away) after confirming my Red Shield warranty will cover diagnostics, repair and parts. Still out $200 on deductible, and as a disabled veteran on a fair but fixed income, I sure wanted to save that cash and try to figure it out myself. Thanks to the unexpected expertise of everyone here that contributed, I now know an awful lot about the headlight assembly and its components, and have removed the bumper cover 3 times now, and I thank all of you again for your advice and counsel. So very grateful!!

So if I'm going to pay $200, it's time I have everything looked over inside and out and get it done under warranty.

In other news...

I did my own oil change 120 miles ago, Castrol 5-30 Magnatec synthetic with a BMW filter I bought online, reset the SIA through the dash buttons, but the 'Service Engine Soon' light is still on. So I need that turned off as well, and I want to find out why it's still on, and what other codes it has thrown in it's unknown past.

Can anyone recommend a capable and affordable OBD reader that can let me reset that SES light through it or a laptop? Or an OBD device that bluetooths to my iPad or iPhone, or with good software? (should I be posting a new thread on this?)

Many thanks again,
- Chris
2006 X5 E53 M54

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