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Originally Posted by MudyOvl View Post
Really like your LCI taillight update. Could one swap out the turn signal bulb to an amber version? I'd prefer an amber turn signal.

Also, your window tint is spot on. What were the percentages you used for the rear windows and front sides? Looking to make this upgrade before the sweltering, southern summer starts. Thanks!
Yep, the taillights appear reddish at the turn signal piece, but they glow amber colored (I personally prefer that over the red)

I have 20% tint all around. It looks really good on the car.

As far as the bumpers go, I put the aero kit and it added enough extra depth to the bumper to give it a clean look with the LCI tails. I shouldve taken a picture today when I was parked next to an LCI. The 08 still looked good next to it.
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