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Considering an F31 328d

I love my E70, but itís days are numbered. For a 2007 4.8i, itís been great mechanically... mainly because Iím a little OCD with routine and preventive maintenance. However, 15mpg is getting old, I really donít need this heavy of a rig for it being essentially a commuter car, and I feel I may be losing my opportunity to sell it for anything north of $8k as the miles tick up (112k and counting).

Iíve always loved the F31 wagons. I think itís BMWís best looking estate car to-date. And while they are very hard to find (in a wagon), the diesel is intriguing because of the fuel efficiency and low-end grunt for driving around town. Iím seeing the few that are available be in the $20-25k range.

Has anyone here owned or driven a 328d? Would love to hear your thoughts. Iím still a ways off (6-12 months) from pulling the trigger, if at all.
2007 E70 4.8i
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