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Originally Posted by rpoitras View Post
For the tensioner I used a breaker bar to give me more leverage. Only turn that clockwise and yes, it's pretty strong but not too bad. I wouldn't say I struggled with it but it definitely needs some strength to rotate it. It's kinda all about leverage. If you can find a spot to put the bar/wrench and can push down while still having access to the belt it will be easier than if you can only get in a position which forces you to pull the bar towards you or whatever. Hard to explain but just think leverage.
Yeah, I got mine loose no problem with a smallish (18 inch) 1/2 drive breaker. It just didnít take nearly as much effort as I was expecting. The car is about to spend a week at the dealer to have the four safety recalls fixed anyways. Iíll prob just go ahead and order a tensioner while itís down.
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