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Originally Posted by andrewwynn View Post
It looks like the cage that holds the main gear is broken. I think you can just replace the cage or the center gear and cage. I've seen sites with individual pieces of the differential and I would try to fix It. (Unless there isn't much cost difference). The thing is you have to remove dif either way so there is not a lot of diff(erence) in the time to pull it and take a peek other than if you are trying up a lift.

It looks tonight like we will replace the diff. Partly due to the rarity factor of these things. I need to makes sure I do not lose the one I am attempting to buy. I may not easily find another. Then there is the time and effort to consider.

The car fights me all the way. My health is poor (Cancer) and I cannot do my own spannering anymore ,well at least not on this industrial scale, so I need to pay to have these things done.

Itís all very frustrating.

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