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I've not liked handling on roads with similar tires. My last car was ford explorer and had similar tires. I'm picky about slalom performance (s curve on/off ramps etc and also I've found that type of tread block likes to catch on the edge of the road when there is an offset)

I've been always happiest with tires that have the classic "V" tread pattern for a few reasons:

1; it sheds water fabulously.
2; when the tire spins on slush/snow/mud it spits it out the side
3; when cornering, the tread blocks line up in direct opposition to the force of cornering: eg: if you make a right turn, the left front tire pushes away at an angle toward the front left to push the tire back to the right rear, the threads line up in exactly that direction.

The eagle gs-c were the epitome of that concept based on the symmetrical "gatorback" they were 2/3 1/3 with more of the angled tread on the outside edge and wow they worked (until they wore out and then they might as well have been racing slicks)

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