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PS; there is no 'reserve fuel tank' in reality. The x5 is simply programed to turn the light on when your total fuel amount gets to 8L if a 6 cylinder or 10L when it's an 8 cylinder.

There is some 'emergency gas' in the tank as there is approximately 1 gallon of fuel that is not counted by the gauge. (i drove my wife's car down to 0.0 miles DTE and siphoned out and weighted the gas it was 3.6L of gas). Since her car reports exactly 1.4L of gas when the right tank is at 'flood stage' it means the 'surge tank' on the X5 is almost exactly 5.0L of fuel.

Read all the details on my detailed fuel system thread and how to fix the o-ring on the siphon jet on the other thread.

it's a 100% certain test to run 'test 6' and start with about 30L total gas; when you get down below about 27L of gas the right side should stay the same (level ground steady speed); most X5 will report about 1.4L of gas so you will see a number like 256014 (25.6L left 0.14 L right), but when the level in the left side drops and there is less weight of fuel on the left to help out the siphon the number on the right will drop if the siphon jet is not working properly. eg. if you see 190010 your siphon jet is not working and most likely due to a design defect in the o-ring of the siphon jet, it's an easy fix just need a cable zip-tie (and a fresh o-ring )
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