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You exhibit the symptoms of a blown siphon jet o-ring.

The more fuel light should not be on at 1/4 tank so that's an oddity. Drive with test six up until the right side reaches the plateau stage (where all the excess fuel spills our of the right side to the left side). It should stabilize at about 1.4L on the right side.. typically when the siphon jet fails that number will slowly drop once the left side gets below 25L or so.

When the right gets to 000 you'd better refuel immediately. You should be able to drive 10-15 miles once the right tank reads 000 but that's assuming the circulating fuel from the FPR gets back into the right tank.

If the right tank number drops almost certainly youre o-ring has failed. There is a small chance of another component going like the fuel pump has gotten too weak or the pressure relief valve on the siphon pump but I've not seen a case of fuel starve at 1/4 that wasn't a bad o-ring. It's a design flaw. The o-ring typically will make it between 80 and 130,000 miles. Wife and mine both failed between 125 and 135,000. Exactly the same failure for exactly exactly the same reason (flawed design)
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