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Supercharger is on as mentioned, I drove it to work for a few days and noticed an oil leak, im pretty positive the drain line off the blower (hard to get at) has come undone.

Along with that, I've taken a little gamble on a rebuilt unit that is coming with a new cobra front shaft and a rebuilt transfer case (new chains) - that is shipping out Monday. So, I hope to have that installed within a week or so of it's arrival. (The rebuilt unit was sourced from here, actually - I back tracked the threads and reached out to the shop that rebuilt it, and they verified a $3500 job was done, it's only been 15k miles or so since the rebuild) So, Ill have my unit hanging around until I decide what to do with it. Hopefully nothing, but I guess Ill keep it for awhile and see how the "new" one performs.

Now ill be rounding up a FILTRAN filter for the slushbox and pick a fluid. Historically I had used Valvoline Maxlife fully synthetic, but have read that it's no longer up to snuff. I never had any issues, but id rather follow the rules...
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