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Reset Immobilizer Code with aftermarket stereo?

Hey all,

I have a 2005 X5 4.4i. My mechanic recently had the key in the ignition when they were working on it, and whatever position they left it in, it went into immobilizer / hibernation mode, demanding 'Code' on the dash (see pic). The twist is that I don't have the original stereo, I now have a JL MM100 head unit. So there is no way to input any code.

They tried the owner manual recommended battery disconnection / reset, even waiting overnight before reconnecting. It wants the code every time.

As of now the only way to make the car work is to pull the fuse for the radio cluster, which also disables the suspension system & gauges. The mechanic is dragging on finding a workaround, because they didn't install the stereo. Surely there has to be a fix for this that's easier than buying an old e53 radio from ebay? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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