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ZF 6HP28 manual 4-5 miss-shift

I have been searching for a few days now for any info regarding the issue I have at the moment with my ZF 6HP28. From the posts I have seen from some people here I gather that here is a lot of experience with these boxes, so I hope anyone can shed a light on this problem.

What happens: Sometimes when shifting manually from 4 to 5 without lifting the throttle the revs go up as if it has shifted into neutral. Lifting the throttle then makes it go into 5th, sometimes smooth, sometimes not really subtle, usually something in between.

It does not happen all the time, when it happened I usually was driving in a 'spirited manner' in M for some time already. Also it only happens with high torque, so 3/4 to full throttle approximately. Haven't experiences any 'miss-shifts' like these in any other gears.

Some additional info: gearbox has seen a few km's (240k) and had new gearbox oil and filter a few months ago. Adaptation values were also reset, in retrospect maybe it was better not to but it did solve an other issue I had, which was a harsh 2-3 shift with low load in manual. I was considering doing an xHP flash before these issues started, haven't flashed the box now but it did offer me the chance to read the adaptation values (see below, just in case these would give any useful info).

Already had contact with ZF who actually told me it could be a MAF issue. Seems a little far-fetched to me but I will check the MAF anyway.

If anyone could point me in a direction that could cause these issues that would be very much appreciated. I like the 335d and I like to use it to its full potential, but now driving it in M just doesn't feel right... I don't want to ****-up the gearbox as a replacement would be $4500

Quickcharge pressures:
A 220 mbar
B -44mbar
C -195mbar
D -5mbar
E 141mbar

Quickcharge time
A 36ms
B 32ms
C -14ms
D 0ms
E 45ms
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