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Originally Posted by Qsilver7 View Post
The audible alert for lock/unlock is made by the same alarm siren if someone was to break into your vehicle while it is armed. I've never heard any e53 have a different audible alert when locking/unlocking. In fact, the e53 sounds like its generational cousins (e38/e39/e46). The only exception is the early e38 and e39 which had the wolf whistle alert. It sounded something like "a-wee-a-wheet" when locking...and "a-wheet" when unlocking. Around the 1998-99 model year...BMW changed it to the road runner sounding alerts that sounds more like "beep-beep" for locking and "beep" for unlocking. Which is what most e38/e39/e46/e53 owners recognize.

Perhaps a previous owner swapped in one of the early e38/e39 wolf whistle alarm sirens. I believe the electrical harness is the same for all of the aforementioned it could probably be an easy swap in just to change things up.

Personally I hated the wolf whistle so much on my 97 e38...that I actually paid money (back then) to the dealer to deactivate the audible alerts.

And as mentioned above...the audible and visual alerts for lock/unlock can be coded off or on in various ways...see info below about arm/disarm acknowledgments.

Hi Qsilver,

I was hoping you would see this post and drop some knowledge lol... thanks for clarifying. Yes, I have also never heard an E53 make that distinct whistle. When I met up with Twinspool, who has 525it_Feen's old car, I noticed the distinct chirp. I chalked it up to a modification, as the car was done up (wheels, suspension, spoilers, leds, whatever)... Twinspool had no idea if it was modded or not as the car was new to him. A few days ago, I stumbled upon a facebook video where an owner had the same chirp. Also an '06. At this point, ive come to the conclusion that some (or all?) '06 models have the "wolf whistle" chirp. Interesting to hear this is older BMW spec. Perhaps they ran out of sirens in '06? Anyway, thanks again!
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