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Electrical problems

My cousin is giving up on his X5 and likely dumping it in my driveway in the next couple of weeks. The car has some problems that are easily fixed, but also has some fun electrical issues.

If you put the headlights in automatic mode they flash on and off very quickly. If you use the manual on/off side of the switch they stay on.

The interior dome light goes on and off.

The wipers work, then fail mid-sweep, then randomly start to work again for a second then stop.

In my reading I found info on the GM3 body control module. Emailed Scott at BMW General Module 5 (GMV, ZKE V) and he told me he has never seen these issues with a GM3 going bad.

I guess I'm starting to think bad ground connection somewhere? Anyone seen anything like this before?

I searched and it seems like a good BMW scan program is GT1? I see a bunch of ebay listings but no official site to purchase it?
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