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Review wanted: H&R 2.0 Springs, Bilstein B8s, w/o self-leveling? Good, bad, bouncy?

Hey guys,

I've been doing a lot of reading on the matter and I keep finding mixed results on whether or not the the H&R 2.0 kit is going to be bouncy or not. It seems like everyone who is having "bouncy issues" has the self-leveling rear with air suspension. I'm also finding a lot of evidence of people complaining about the 2.0 kit while on stock struts.

Does anyone have experience with the ride quality of the 2.0 kit on a standard coil spring (non-leveling) rear and Bilstein dampers?

*I am not worried about a rougher, more aggressive ride. I just don't want the X5 to look like an old Civic bouncing down the road on cut springs
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