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Originally Posted by 740iS View Post
That is EXACTLY what I would like to do! But even reading that a number of times, just too wimpy as I'd be afraid of bricking the system entirely!
It was very easy and only took a couple hours. As long as you're somewhat careful removing the old drive and inserting the new drive and follow the directions exactly, there really isn't much of anything that can go wrong. You'll always have your original drive to put back in if the new drive doesn't work.

Note that not every PATA drive will work. My first attempt failed because I tried to use a cheap drive I picked up off eBay. I then tracked down the same drive described in the original thread and it worked perfectly. I still have my original drive in a desk drawer just in case...

As an alternative, you might also look at post #277 from that same thread:

I probably would have gone that route if it had been posted before I did my upgrade.
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