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Originally Posted by Attacking Mid View Post
Yes it is. I tried to find where I read about how the cap equalizes the pressure between the rest of the system and the ET. In my futile search, I read a bunch of other contradictory stuff. In the end, I'm still not sure if it accomplishes anything to run the lower pressure cap. Why did BMW spec such a high pressure cap? Surely it wasn't because it was just a nice round number!?

To get a captive audience for cooling system parts maybe? Who knows. They stopped this 2 bar bullshit as well. Itís just retarded.

Listen, 2 bars is literally 30psi, with 200 degree coolant in rubber hoses. The system also doesnít run at 30psi. 30 psi is overpressure. Thatís when the cap is supposed to release to save the cooling components. There is no way, our systems need to get that high to blow out.

Like stated before. Iíve been running 1.4 for years now, no side effects. 5 years about. Nothing blowing up. And if some indi decides to take it upon themselves to top off your cooling system, you can bet your ass you will be replacing shit with a 2 bar cap.

Oh and while driving, would you rather see steam coming out the cap, and from your hood, or would you be more impressed that the 2 bar cap held its own, while your plastic radiator side blew out under your car and dumped all its shit.

My radiator actually started leaking while I had the 1.4. Cracked at the plastic side seam. So a failure is still possible. Just not dramatic. I still managed to top off and drive from NJ to Brooklyn.

Lots of people saying how they inspect cooling system every week. Yea thatís nice. Hope those people are also inspecting valley pans, hidden seals and soon to fracture expansion tanks.

For me, the 1.4 is a no brainer. There is some dude that was selling 1.2 bar caps. But the 1.4 is direct from bmw and a fraction of the price. But if there was a 1.2 bar cap from them, I promise I wouldnít flinch when buying it.
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