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These codes have got me stumped.. SEAT and BRAKES

Hi all

I've got a couple of codes on the 4.8is I can't figure out and after searching I'm a bit stumped...

I've got

0004 SM/LSM Hall sensor, seat height, open circuit
0008 SM/LSM Hall Sensor, seat angle, short circuit to positive
BD IKE: Electronic Braking Force Distribution

I know the braking force warning has been there for a while, and most people recommend ignoring it, but now I have the RED TPM light showing regardless if it is cleared codes and it hasn't done that before.

I haven't checked the battery yet as I've noted it is starting to get harder to crank over... EDIT Checked and battery is fine

Regarding the seat, it retains the fore aft memory but will only move up and down manually...

I understand that the seat belt has a hall sensor, but not sure where to start on this one...

Any thoughts?
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